6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires

6 Simple Steps Can Help Minimize Your Exposure to Wildfires

Wildfire risk used to be seasonal, but in many states, it is now a year-round risk. Brush and forest fires cause extensive damage every year, and it’s not just the Western part of the country. Any home situated on the edge of grasslands, or near brush or trees, is vulnerable. Taking the following steps can reduce a home’s vulnerability to any exterior fire.

  1. Look at the home’s construction. Wood siding or shingles should be replaced with fire-resistant building materials.
  2. Create a fire barrier. Because a wood deck, skirting, or fence can drive a fire right up to the house itself, create a break with a metal gate or concrete slab.
  3. Clean the gutters. Twigs, leaves, and needles trapped in the gutter are excellent tinder. Clean them out. Consider a covered gutter to keep that material from building up….

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