Making a road trip fun for the family

Making a road trip fun for the family

Road trips can be a great way to travel the country and see some of the amazing things it has to offer. It’s also infinitely cheaper than flying in most cases, so if you and the kids have somewhere to be this summer, why not consider planning a road trip instead of flying?

If you’re worried about being trapped in the car with your kids for hours on end, don’t fret—here are some tips and tricks you can use to make the road trip fun for the entire family.

Keep entertainment in mind

Kids, especially younger ones, can be difficult to entertain if you’re in an enclosed space for an extended length of time. Before you take off on your road trip, plan to keep your kids entertained. A few good items are:

  • A kid bag: Pack their favorite toys, books, and other sources of entertainment in a bag that’s kept within arm’s reach of them. Not only does that allow them to keep themselves entertained, but it also starts to foster independence and imagination.
  • A new toy: Nothing keeps kids entertained like something new and shiny. Just make sure you pick something that doesn’t make a lot of noise, or you might find yourself wanting to throw it out the window an hour into your trip.
  • Audiobooks: You might not be able to read to your kids if you’re behind the wheel—or if, like me, you get motion sickness from reading in the car—but you can easily plug in an audiobook. What better time to get them interested in the classics, or modern classics like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, than when you’ve got hours to kill between destinations?
  • Playlists: Don’t make your kids listen to your music all the time—let them pick some of the songs on the communal road trip playlist so that they don’t feel left out. You can’t plan a road trip without a good playlist, but everyone in the car should get a say in the tunes.

These are just a few suggestions—you’ll know what your kids are best entertained with. Some prefer reading on long trips while others like playing on a cellphone or tablet. Customize your entertainment selection to cater to everyone in the car.

Plan better bathroom breaks

Let’s be frank here—highway rest stops sucks. They’re always smelly, no matter how frequently they’ve been cleaned, and no one likes to stop there. Plus, the only food that many of them offer comes in the form of expired candy bars out of a vending machine. Eww.

You may need to stop at a rest stop for a bathroom emergency, but in general, try to plan […]

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